Monday, 11 November 2013

True Story ASA #WeOutTour #ASAWeOutTour

True Story ASA #ASAWeOutTour

Hi viewers make sure you go support:

TRUE STORY ASA: Sheikh Akbar & Adam Saleh

Are We Famous Now: Karim Metwaly

Singers: Sham Idrees & Karter Zaher

Left To Right: Sheikh, Karter, Karim, Sham & Adam
If you live in the area and can make it go to the show it’s a show that shouldn’t be missed. I’ve been a supporter since. I thoroughly enjoy their videos on YouTube. The videos they make about Islam on both channels are very inspirational..
Sham & Karter are both talented amazing singers... You HAVE got to be there to listen to their talent..
I am a fan from the UK so Insha’allah they will come to the UK one day J
Date: November 13th
Time: 5pm
Location: BMCC College ‘Main Entrance’
Date: November 18th
Time: 6pm
Location: PCCC College (Paterson, NJ)
Price: $5 at the door or $3 with College I.D ‘Children under 7 are free’


Date: November 22nd
Time: 6:30pm
Location: F.C. Smith Concordia University  F. C. Building
7141 Sherbrooke St. West
Tickets: For Montreal click the link below


Date: November 23rd
Time: 6:30pm
Location: Kilash mital theatre
Carleton University Southam Hall
1125 Colonel by Dr
Tickets: For Ottawa click the link below




Friday, 20 September 2013

Shopping haul MAC, Zara, Grand theft auto v,

Went on a bit of a seasonal winter shopping haul

I purchased one warm beautiful coat from Zara which was £109. It's khaki green styled like a parka coat with leather sleeves and a nice lining of soft cream fur. 

I bought 
MAC- Studio fix fluid £21.50
MAC- Mineralise foundation £27.00

I haven't been a much big fan of buying MAC foundations. I've been very adamant on not buying some. I changed my mind until I got a few testers. Reviews of the products will be coming soon.

Eeep girly little Disney thing i love Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse. Cakes and sweets issue number 1 only for 99p how cute :) 

I also bought my younger brother the most talked about game this season grand theft auto v. 

I haven't had a chance to play on it but my brothers are glued in the games room says a lot hehe. 

Keep a look out for reviews 
I'm back now forever sorry it's been a while my account got hacked :( 

iPhones and iPads and all sorts at low prices

Haven't you always wanted an iphone but not able to afford one. 
We'll look no further I have the cheapest site you can buy and own a very apple product which would be yours. This isn't a virus or a stupid little scam it's actually the truth. 

This service bleeping gadgets it's cheaper than other services and i guarantee you their products are 100% in better condition. 

A message from the owner 

You can appreciate what we do from our Facebook page.

Our products are always in better condition and on average £80 cheaper than cex

with Bleeping Gadgets you don't need to leave facebook to buy from us!

Customer satisfaction is more important to me than sales!

I would rather sell someone the product they need rather than waste their money!

They have amazing customer service and deal very appropriately and nicely to their customers where as in my life I've come across some nasty ass customer service people. 

Check out their website and Facebook page :)

Friday, 12 July 2013

Acne sufferer

Hi beautiful viewers,

I have needed to do a skin update but only had the time and chance to do one. Anyone knows how it feels when your skin breaks out or being an acne sufferer my self! I know how difficult it is, feels as if the worlds turning in on you. 

Like i have said previously i have spent soo much on facials, chemical peels, expensive high end and also high street products! 

Came to a point where i was fed up of it and was told to check what doctors can do about my acne. Well now my acne is very very mild and isn't too bad its like odd few break outs. 

I guarantee you that duac gel will work on any skin type! 
Do not try the antibiotic capsules or anything i was feeling absolutely terrible with them i had to take letrysal or something like that. Was feeling drowsy and i didn't see any difference on my skin! Which was basically annoying went through the horrible side affects of tablets from doctors.  I recommend duac gel!!

Try it for yourself to see the results!! 
Spots and blemishes will disappear!!!  
I have one travel sized one and three big tubes I'm stocking up on these! They are the best

I haven't been paid to do this review update its just my own experience i am sharing so you can try it out too. 

One Love 

Sunday, 16 June 2013




I’ve really found it tough with my acne scar coverage foundations. Tried tinted moisturizes number 7 makeup kind of tried all the bare minerals. Nothing has had great coverage like this Sally Hansen AIRBRUSH SPRAY MAKEUP! Believe me I will put before and after pictures my face was really flawless. To blend I used the sigma flat top kabuki brush F80.
Flawless Skin
May seem a little light but blending it will fit to your skin

It has a great high coverage I was really happy with the result getting compliments from family members and friends asking what I wear now. There’s no awful scent from this product it smells nice the foundation doesn’t get oily or creased. Also I do have the luminess air airbrush kit which made it out to be on the beauty channel that it would give you flawless skin if you had acne or dark eye bags. Whereas it really didn’t my pores and my spots were still visible, before you spend a lump sum of money on something try it read reviews.

The color I purchased was a medium, it was an amazing match with tanned olivey colored skin. I used the beauty blender damped because my skin did feel caked, tight and tensed but it didn’t look cakey or tensed at all. It just felt like cemented face but after using a damp beauty blender it felt soft and smooth.

I haven’t seen any streaks appear or any pores appearing on my skin nothing is visible my spots have had a great coverage. Amazing buy and definitely would purchase again I am happy with it.


How to apply

1-      Moisturize your face

2-      Prime your face

3-      Spray a bit on the back of your hand

4-      Get a flat top foundation brush

5-      Take small amounts and apply directly to the face

6-      Use a damp makeup sponge or a beauty blender so your face doesn’t feel tight or cakey

7-      Optional apply finishing powder and blusher or bronzer

Thursday, 13 June 2013

Hiyaaaa beautiful viewers,

This is a quick update sorry for the delayed post a new post is coming tomorrow I have been busy with College exams and now I am on a work placement. Been busy and have been covering time on my placement. Blogging had to go on a little break I update my work on instagram do make sure to Follow me

@beautygurukay - Insta
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Please keep supporting me

and giving me the same love and strive to carry on blogging


Sugar plums xxxxx

Tuesday, 28 May 2013



This takeaway has one of the most elegant, unique & mouth-watering flavours, combined with 20 years of experience.

All the ingredients are 100% fresh to produce a heavenly dish, with a display of fresh meat and chicken marinated starters, ready to be charcoal grilled for the customer, within an open kitchen.

Ramzeys is a unique, well-catered takeaway that meets everyone's needs. From its succulent lamb chops to its sizzling seekh kebabs, its freshly prepared curries to its Gourmet Burgers - RAMZEYS is the first choice!

With its affordable prices, simple menu and great food - means that everyone can enjoy a RAMZEYS… No word of a lie its #RamzeyLicious

Ramzeys Wakefield‏ @RamzeysWakey26 May
Home made Gourmet burger

Wall Menu

Easy To Read Menu Unlike Others

Order a Ramzeys now my promise to you is you won't be disappointed.

Follow them on twitter @RamzeysWakey
#LoveRamzeys #TeamRamzey #RamzeyLicious

Ramzey Licious Food YUMMMM